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I keep a picture portfolio called the “Book of Fame” in my office.  It’s a collection of before-and-after pics of all my fabulous clients.

One day, I showed a new client these photos, and she was particularly impressed by one of my male clients who lost 70lbs of fat.  Her response?  “Oh, but he’s a guy.  Men have it so much easier than women.”

I gotta tell you about the best thing that happened to me last weekend:

I went to a big dinner party to celebrate the birthday of a girl I met fairly recently.  She is a friend of my brother’s, so apart from a couple of people, I knew no one else there.

Yep, you heard that right.

There are times when that thing you’re doing at the gym is a waste of your time.

And if you were unknowingly wasting your hard-earned time at the gym, you’d want your best friend to tell you, wouldn’t you?

I’m a huge supporter of holistic nutrition, and I take real good care of myself and what I eat. But let’s face it, I have been known to stuff my face full of the finer things in life like potato chips, pizzas, nachos, chocolate brownies… mmmmm…. brownies…..

I spent a few days last week at a gorgeous lakefront cottage with some great business partners.  We masterminded over BBQ’d Polish kielbasas, fresh air, laughter and wine, all the while brainstorming our plans for world domination.