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It was back around 2007.  I was in my mid-30’s, and began to experience what I could only describe as arthritis in my hands.

Every morning upon waking, it felt as though every joint had rusted shut.  Later in the day, I could barely muster the strength to hold a 10-pound dumbbell.

The diet and fitness industry is a monstrously big one. Gyms are packed solid, and diet companies around the globe are doing backflips for your dollars.

Well, the good news is, I’m here to help you navigate the maze known as the fitness and diet industry. There are dozens of diet methods, and hundreds, if not thousands, of diet companies all vying for your attention.

A few weeks ago, I posted a before-and-after picture of myself on Facebook.  As much as I loathe the thought of posting half-nekkid pictures of myself in a public forum, let alone THE most public forum on the planet, I did it to show the world what was possible with the right nutrition, the right lifestyle and the right attitude:

Hi.  My name is Mina.  And I am an addict.

A milk addict.

From the time I was a child, to the time I was nearly 33 years old, I drank milk, and LOTS of it. Like, anywhere from 2-4 glasses every day.

The fitness and beauty industry alters, edits, and fakes before-and-after pictures all the time.  And just to prove a point, here is a clip from the documentary, Bigger, Stronger, Faster, in which photographers confess to all kinds of dishonest shenanigans, such as taking before-and-after photos on the same day, and blatant photoshopping