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12lbs in 2 Months

Right Balance
This client came to me after trying several weight loss programs. The first one was a radical, ultra-low calorie program which she followed to a tee. She lost her goal weight, but could not keep it off, despite following the program exactly as designed. On another diet program, she found herself gaining weight. She is a great example that sometimes, the calories in and calories out theory does not work for everyone. We found the right balance that helped rev up her metabolism and get her fat loss goals back on track. She lost 12 pounds in just over 2 months. 

15lbs in 4 months

Excercise & Nutrition
Here is a young, 20-something lady who works in an office and lives a sedentary lifestyle. We made a few key changes to her exercise and nutrition program, and she lost almost 15 pounds in about 4 months.

6lbs Abdominal Fat

Health Problems Avoided
This client didn’t need to lose too much weight. However, I was a little concerned with how she carried her weight in her abdomen - a sign which, unchecked, could lead to more serious health problems down the road. She lost 6 pounds, almost all of which was abdominal fat.

50lbs in 6 months

Diet & Excercise
Check out this extraordinary transformation! This client worked hard to make some big dietary changes, while increasing his fitness, strength and muscle tone. He lost a whopping 50 lbs of fat in a little over 6 months. 

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