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The Single Biggest Mistake You’ll Make When You’re on a Diet

I keep a picture portfolio called the “Book of Fame” in my office.  It’s a collection of before-and-after pics of all my fabulous clients.

One day, I showed a new client these photos, and she was particularly impressed by one of my male clients who lost 70lbs of fat.  Her response?  “Oh, but he’s a guy.  Men have it so much easier than women.”

Now ladies, be straight with me, here.  I’ll bet you said those very words at some point, too.  Heck, I SAID THOSE WORDS MYSELF!

…but is it true?

Alright, I’ll admit that men and women are wired totally differently.  And that’s a scientific fact. I remember being at a seminar led by one of my mentors many years ago, and he recalled learning about male and female hormones:

“We spent a couple of hours on male hormones, and two solid days on female hormones.”

And then he went on to tell a crude joke – which I will spare you.  Well, maybe if you bump into me at a bar after a few too many drinks, I’ll tell ya.  But I digress. Women’s hormones are complicated.

It’s complicated.

I can’t even begin to decipher all the gobble-dy-gook regarding how women’s hormones can affect metabolism and fat loss.  And it would be understandable if this is why we think men lose fat more easily than women.  But there was always something about that statement that didn’t sit right with me, simply because in my experience, some of my female clients lose fat really fast.  Faster than some of my men, even.

Maybe it’s not always about the hormones, after all.

So if it isn’t about the hormones, what is it all about?  What are my speedy fat-loss clients doing that my slow-pokes aren’t?

I really racked my brain with that one, and then it came to me:  The single biggest mistake you’ll make when you’re on a diet is:

Thinking that diets suck.

And if you’re sitting there thinking, “Huh?” Lemme explain.

If you’re on a diet and you hate it, or you’re embarrassed or ashamed about it, well guess what?

  1. You’re gonna hate going out with your friends because you don’t want to torture yourself
  2. You’re gonna find yourself in these awkward situations where all your friends are stuffing their faces full of pizza, and you can’t help but follow suit
  3. You’re gonna want to stab your significant other with a soggy spear of asparagus while he chows down on a cheesecake
  4. You’re gonna apologize to him afterwards for knocking him unconscious as you swallow the final remnants of his cheesecake

But most importantly, you’re gonna set yourself up for inevitable failure and be completely defeated and miserable.

So, to help you avoid the above catastrophes, I’ve compiled a summary of the common traits that I’ve found in my most successful clients.  Here’s how you can ensure you have the same fantastic results:

  1. Tell anybody and everybody that you’re on a diet and stand tall and proud when you say it
  2. When someone asks you why you’re doing this silly diet, give a simple, honest answer without shame or embarrassment
  3. Go and have a great time with your friends, and be happy to sip on a glass of sparkling water and order a delicious, healthy gourmet meal while you’re at it
  4. Have fun NOW and live life NOW

Well there you have it:  the secret to getting the the life and body you love.  It’s not always about having the right hormones.  It’s all about having the right attitude.

So before you start bemoaning what a miserable diet you’re on, think twice and check your attitude.  Your body will thank you for it.


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